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Hammerschmidt Brings Experience and Expertise to Minnesota

TPH Minnesota, the world leader in positively impacting the lives of student-athletes through sport, is thrilled to announce that Lindsey Hammerschidt was recently hired as the Head of Academics for COE Minnesota. Hammerschmidt brings an abundance of expertise and background from Rasmussen University in management and working with a wide range of students.     


“When I first met her, she had a really outgoing personality,” said Matt Cooke, Director for TPH Minnesota. “And she was so excited to work with kids, which is the reason why we (TPH Minnesota) are here.”


As the Head of Academics, Hammerschmidt will work on-site as both a coach and mentor to student-athletes while building a thriving learning environment for everyone. She will teach organizational skills and responsibility while implementing ongoing support for students and families. Hammerschmidt will leverage her sharp communication skills as a principal liaison between TPH hockey staff, teachers, and parents. As well as hiring a new strengthening and conditioning coach, Hammerschmidt will be an essential asset to TPH Minnesota.  


Before TPH, Hammerschmidt worked as an Admissions Manager for Rasmussen University, where she collaborated with leaders on strategies for recruiting students and coached new hires on recruitment strategies and professionalism. Hammerschmidt has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Cloud State University with a Business Management Minor. 


Hammerschmidt brings with her an immense amount of experience in guidance and professional development within the academic world. Additionally, she is currently in school to receive her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management at Rasmussen University. 


“I’m really excited to work with younger kids,” said Hammerschmidt, “I’m used to working with adults, so helping [the kids] guide them through their academic journey and hockey training as well.”


To learn more about our Minnesota TPH CoE, click here. 

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