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TPH-Brandnew Athlete Team Up to Impact Academy Attendees

TPH is excited to announce a new partnership that will power up the mentorship opportunities offered in its Study, Train, Play Academy experience.  In addition to Coach FA’s Mentorship Program, TPH’s ten-lesson course designed to educate its student-athletes on the process of becoming elite, Academy attendees will have the option to enroll in what CEO Alan Keeso calls a “next level” opportunity for student-student athletes to learn how to maximize their potential inside and outside of sport, thanks to a partnership with Brandnew Athlete.  


“Our core purpose in TPH is to lead the world in the holistic development of student-athletes, advancing in and beyond the game, the next generation of impact players, and our partnership with Brandnew is going to strengthen our commitment to that,” Keeso said.  “The Academy experience is not just about the physical training our student-athletes receive for their sport, but it’s also about the skills acquired to be successful as students and as leaders.  With Coach FA’s Mentorship Program continuing to serve as our foundation for personal development, and Brandnew working with us in TPH to offer more opportunities for student-athletes who wish to further unlock their potential, Academy attendees now have additional possibilities at their fingertips on their journey to become the very best players, athletes, students and people they can be.”  


Built for the elite athlete, the Brandnew program is a fully online, video-based, inspirational learning platform that focuses on the personal development of athletes while they compete in their sport.  Like TPH, the Brandnew program is holistic in scope and is designed to help athletes discover who they are, define their personal brand, discuss issues relevant to sport and life, develop skills necessary for personal growth and inspire them on their personal journeys.  The content is created by experts to ensure that athletes are engaged, inspired, motivated, and educated about both athletic and real-world issues.    


“Some of the benefits of attending the TPH Academy are the social and real-world experiences student-athletes get while they Study, Train, and Play,” Keeso added.  “The Brandnew program is designed to equip student-athletes with transferrable life skills through explorations into topics such as building resilience, cultivating healthy relationships with leaders and peers, understanding the basics of personal finance, designing a resume, interviewing and media training, to name a few.”


Michele Sinclair, Founder and CEO of Brandnew is thrilled to be teaming up with TPH and believes Academy families who enroll their student-athlete in the program will quickly reap the benefits of a program she says is designed to “inspire elite athletes to become great people.”


For more information on the TPH-Brandnew partnership, including a link for current Academy attendees to register for the offering, click here

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