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TPH Brings 16th Center of Excellence to Northwest Ohio

TPH is pleased to announce the launch of its sixteenth Center of Excellence in Sylvania, OH.  Student-athletes who attend the TPH-Sylvania CoE will train on and off the ice at Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter and enjoy TPH’s completely individualized, customized, blended education experience in an off-site academic space located within walking distance of the ice arena.  TPH’s Sylvania Center of Excellence will be its first in the Buckeye State.

“We are very excited to bring our Study, Train, Play model to Northwest Ohio,” TPH CEO Nathan Bowen said.  “In many ways, this announcement feels like a bit of homecoming for us when you consider that our very first CoE was launched about 55 miles up the road in Canton, MI back in 2014.  Seven years and sixteen CoE’s later, here we are today, so fortunate to bring our model to a part of the country that is heavily populated with driven, goal-oriented student-athletes, in particular, Tier I and Tier II hockey players.  We believe our Center of Excellence model will appeal not only to families in Northwest Ohio, but also in Southern Michigan, as well as the various Ohio markets that are within driving distance of Tam-O.  We are extremely grateful to the many wonderful people we have been collaborating with in Sylvania over the past few months.”

For the Tier I and Tier II hockey players Bowen referenced, TPH’s on-ice training program is geared towards skills, habits, concepts and details opposed to team concepts and structure.  Hockey players who attend the TPH-Sylvania Center of Excellence will do so during a typical school day and will receive high-level on and off-ice training while still being able to compete for their local club team.  The model is open to male and female Tier I and Tier II hockey players in 6-12th grade.

“Our hope is that the Center of Excellence will power up hockey in Northwest Ohio and accelerate the speed at which local players in the area develop, whether they are A level, AA level or AAA in playing ability,” Bowen added.  “Hockey players who attend the CoE get close to 300 hours of on and off-ice training throughout the course of a standard 36-week school year.  They get to do this while receiving an NCAA-accredited, state-certified education and mentorship on the process of becoming an elite student-athlete.  We are confident that families in Northwest Ohio will value the holistic approach we strive to take with our CoE model.”

Helping student-athletes become independent, self-starting college freshman, regardless of sport, is perhaps the most important piece of the “holistic approach” Bowen referenced.  In partnership with Edmentum and Ohio statewide academic partner Quaker Digital Academy, the Center of Excellence’s unique academic learning model is designed to meet the demands of student-athletes who desire structure, discipline and accountability, but have a desire for a flexible program that allows them to pursue their sport and career goals without the fear of missing school.  The “blended learning environment” shaped by TPH includes academics on demand, with 24/7, fully accessible NCAA accredited courseware and full-time instructors who are dedicated to the student-athletes across all Centers of Excellence.  CoE attendees have access to their instructors as well as a virtual tutoring service, in the event academic assistance is needed after-hours or right on the spot during the CoE school day.  A full-time Head of Academics will be on-site daily and will ensure that all student-athletes are held accountable, are studying in a positive learning environment and are receiving an experience that is tailored to when, where and how the individual learns best.

Learning more about TPH and the Center of Excellence model can be done by attending TPH-Sylvania’s first open house, which will be conducted virtually through Zoom webinar on Monday, April 26 at 8:30 PM EST.  Families must RSVP to attend the event and may do so by clicking here.

Families may also request more information by filling out the form below, or we invite all interested family to take initiative and apply to the CoE, which is the first formal step in the registration process for the 2021-2022 school year.

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