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TPH Academy Announces Partnership with LOOP Care to Bring Injury Prevention, Mobility, and Rehab to Their Student Athletes

TPH Academy is excited to announce a partnership with Loop, an on-demand team of musculoskeletal experts, accessible through a mobile app. Beginning in May 2023, TPH student-athletes will have access to Loop’s licensed clinicians for their sport-specific musculoskeletal care. Loop’s physical therapists and physiologists will work alongside TPH’s coaching team to maximize student-athlete mobility, prevent injuries, or in the event of an injury, return players to competition as quickly and as safely as possible. From pre-hab to rehab, the unlimited subscription structure encourages ongoing communication that aids improvements in strength, mobility, flexibility, injury prevention, and recovery. 


“We believe that in order for student-athletes to achieve their goals, they need to be healthy. We know that with the travel demands of high-level competition, many of our athletes require immediate care on the go,” shared Jordan Pietrus, Vice President – TPH Colorado. “Working with Loop will give our student-athletes on-demand access to world-class care support, right at their fingertips on their mobile phone, so they can perform at their best in competition.”


Loop was developed to complete the continuum of care with its on-demand, health-focused SaaS platform that serves both patients and brick-and-mortar healthcare facilities. Loop is redefining recovery by offering patients a dedicated clinician, personalized daily protocol, whole-body medical and wellness care, and real-time feedback and support.


TPH Academy student-athletes will benefit from the same level of care, attention, and holistic support that Loop’s elite-level and professional athlete clients receive.


“Our team has vast experience treating pro-athletes and we believe everyone deserves the same concierge care available to the athletic elite,” shares Nick Edwards, Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Loop. “TPH’s standard of excellence and caliber of athletes makes Loop a natural fit.”


TPH Academy looks forward to the positive impact its partnership with Loop will have on the holistic development and athletic advancement of their student-athletes. In addition to virtual care, Loop’s team will also refer TPH Student-Athletes to their local PT clinics when virtual care can’t meet their full needs and hands on care is recommended.


“TPH Academy is an extremely impressive student-athlete program,” shared Rich Spina, Loop’s Head of Growth. “We are excited to enter into a partnership that will help mitigate injury risk for TPH student-athletes and keep them on the path to pursuing their academic and athletic dreams. Youth athletes at all levels can benefit from our team’s expertise. From programs that improve mobility and injury prevention, to on-demand triage and rehab, Loop helps athletes improve their performance and safely stay in the game.”   


In collaboration with TPH Academy, Loop is hosting several Virtual Info Sessions on May 8th at 7:00 PM EDT & 9:00 PM EDT and May 9th at 7:00 PM EDT & 9:00 PM EDT to introduce the platform and answer any questions. To learn more about TPH Academy’s partnership with Loop and to register for an info session, click here.

By being a member of the TPH Family, you can receive six months of LOOP Care for only $180, or about $30/month compared to $225/six months. Ready to sign up and receive your 20% discount? Subscribe to LOOP here

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