TPH Superior Unveils CoE Prospects for the 2021-22 School Year

SUPERIOR, CO, April, 28, 2021 –  TPH Superior is pleased to announce the expansion of its hallmark Center of Excellence (CoE) program with the CoE Prospects. The CoE Prospects program will be the junior affiliate of the Center of Excellence, designed for younger athletes from grades three to five. CoE Prospects will provide younger athletes in the state of Colorado with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a multi-sport program focused on inspiring the next generation of leaders.

“CoE Prospects is all about building up the future of our community.” Beamed TPH-Superior Director Matt Doman. “This program provides student-athletes from the third grade to fifth grade to begin to learn about and get exposed to what we call ‘The Process of Becoming Elite.’ We will do this in an environment that stresses mentorship and fun, with a focus on academics.”



TPH believes wholeheartedly in the value of helping student-athletes reach their full potential – not just as students and athletes, but as well-rounded members of the community. “Our goal is ultimately to develop these young men and women to help prepare them for their next step in life. Not only is it our goal to prepare them, we believe it’s our responsibility,” said Doman.

The foundation of CoE Prospects is adapted from its big brother The Center of Excellence and its Firm but Flexible model. Rather than focusing on one specific sport, CoE Prospects provides professional instruction in 7 sports over the year!

This multi-sport focus allows students to not only improve their athleticism but will also allow room for discovery!

CoE Prospects Daily Schedule

Furthermore, using Edmentum’s Calvert Learning platform, student-athletes of CoE Prospects will be engaged in a robust project-based learning program that blends the flexibility of Edmentum’s online resources in a micro-school environment. Students in CoE Prospects will not only have the online resources at their disposal but they’ll also be supported by in-person learning coaches as well as classmates to grow together over the year.

Greg Vanover will be taking lead as Head of CoE Prospects. Vanover brings a passion for athlete development to CoE Prospects in addition to a Master’s in Education. With over 20 years of experience in coaching and mentorship, Greg is a great addition to the TPH Superior team and an ideal fit to lead this program.

“Greg has a deep background in coaching.” Added Doman, “He has helped many players advance past youth sports and knows what it takes to get there. More than that, he has a deep passion for inspiring the next generation of student-athletes in the state of Colorado. We could not be more thrilled to add Greg to our team for the CoE Prospect student-athletes.”

“I have coached at the AAA hockey level for a long time, and I’m excited to get back to the roots of not just the game of hockey but of all sports and work with the 3rd through 5th grade student-athletes at CoE Prospects,” said Vanover. “I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to help these kids become successful students while building a strong athletic foundation.”


To learn more about TPH Superior and the CoE Prospects, request more information by filling out the form below, or we invite all interested family to take initiative and apply to the CoE, which is the first formal step in the registration process for the 2021-2022 school year.

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