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“At Boston Hockey Academy, we know how important a great education is to our families—and it should be! A strong education pays lifelong dividends, and we want to ensure that our student-athletes get the individualized, personalized, and customized attention that prepares them to be wildly successful as college freshmen and beyond. We are thrilled to be able to offer TPH's blended learning model starting this upcoming 2024-25 academy year as an option for our families.”

- Nate Bostic, President & GM, The Boston Hockey Academy



Academic support and facilitation are provided through TPH Academy's Academic Platform. The TPH Academy Blended Learning Environment is deliberately designed for student-athletes, combining in-person learning guidance with the latest in educational technology and virtual academics.



Performance strength and conditioning are provided in partnership with Boston Hockey Academy and Sweeney Performance. We aim to inspire a lifelong commitment to health and fitness by providing expert guidance and innovative training methods.



Sport-specific training will be provided in partnership with Boston Hockey Academy. Boston Hockey Academy student-athletes receive elite training and coaching, on and off the ice, to properly prepare them for junior hockey, NCAA college hockey, and professional hockey.


You do not need to play for a Boston Hockey Academy team to attend Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH. Our unique model is open to all aspiring-elite student-athletes looking to supercharge their development and take their game to the next level.

 The TPH Academy Individual Model is open to Student-Athletes in Grades 6-12 and those participating in Postgraduate study. Student-Athletes enrolled in an Individual Model program can play for any team or organization while attending Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH.

The TPH Academy Team Model is open to Student-Athletes in Grades 9-12 and those participating in Postgraduate study. Student-Athletes enrolled in a Team Model program will play for a Boston Hockey Academy team while attending Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH.


At Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH, our student-athletes Study, Train, and Play every day. Each week, a typical schedule includes the following breakdown:





From public speaking contests to finance club, we are focused on providing our student-athletes the opportunities that fit their interests and provide them the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.


Part of attending TPH Academy is ensuring our student-athletes are connected with their communities and understand the value of providing their time and support. All of our locations take part in community service projects from raking leaves across the neighborhood to assisting at soup kitchens.


Our guest speakers bring new perspectives and ample experience from their trade and life. Our student-athletes have been fortunate enough to have been visited by guests including current professional athletes, coaches, and referees. Our guests are not just limited to the industry of sport but include business executives, marketing specialists, psychologists, and physical therapy experts, among others.


We make a conscious effort to make sure our student-athletes get exposure to many different experiences. Previous field trips include museums, professional sports facilities, college campuses, and more.



Working with local academic support, we are able to offer a completely customized platform for each student-athlete. This flexible, mastery-based education program is delivered in a blended learning environment, one that combines in-person learning and on-site academic support and facilitation with virtual academics. We provide a comprehensive program that includes academic coaching, best-in-class academics & a learning community that is focused on development.

Course progress (“pacing”) is actively supervised and optimized by our academic leaders in real-time. Student-athletes are prepared to become independent, self- starting college freshmen through our mastery-based learning approach.

Our Academics include NCAA-accredited and Ontario-certified courseware that can be completed 24/7 from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device, as long as a high-speed data or internet connection is present.

Our academic partners are Cognia accredited and all graduating student-athletes will receive a private/public school diploma, issued by our state partner. Students not only advance their education, but learn organization, study skills, and how to adapt their own learning style.

Accreditation from Cognia is a valuable mark of distinction recognized around the world. 

Courses and assignments are tailored to each individual and prioritized by the TPH academic team in partnership with the student-athlete with their weekly sports and competition schedule in mind.

  • Individually Tailored Courseware
  • AP, Honors & Foreign Language Courses
  • 80+ Elective Courses
  • Course Credit for Sport-Specific Training



Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH will be housed at BHA's long-time home, Breakaway Ice Center. The space is equipped with everything an aspiring elite hockey player could need, including pro-style locker rooms, a player’s lounge, custom-branded video review rooms, and a strength and conditioning space exclusive to BHA players ready to supercharge their development.

The Boston Hockey Academy campus also features a 20,000-square-foot dormitory conveniently located just off of RT. 93 in Medford. This Residence Hall encompasses much of what is quintessential to the New England academy experience, with beautiful greens, sprawling brick buildings, and colorful foliage come fall season. Within the residence, student-athletes have access to two player lounges, a player-exclusive kitchen, a dining area, a study area, a synthetic ice shooting area, a full-time dorm staff, laundry, and a gym.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we are one team, Boston Hockey Academy is not a sports team. We are an academy where you can focus on your individual skills while still playing for your current team. This makes for an amazing training environment where our student-athletes build a community with other, like-minded student-athletes.

At Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH, each student-athlete learns from certified teachers through our customizable virtual platforms, with 24/7 access to virtual tutors. Our on-site Director of Academics and Success Coach(es) are additional resources who cultivate an environment conducive to learning. These multiple layers of support ensure that your student-athlete receives a personalized academic plan, preparing them for the game of life.

Our student-athletes train four days a week in the gym on-site with our coaches.

DID YOU KNOW: student-athletes can receive physical education credit for the training.

Although they are certainly welcome to, we do offer a meal plan offering healthy and delicious options at an affordable price.

This is one of the primary benefits of attending TPH Academy. Traditional systems are not conducive to the lifestyle of an aspiring, elite student-athlete. We understand the travel that sports require and the toll a season can take on a student-athlete. The beauty of our platform is the flexibility we can provide by operating virtually. Need a recovery day? Stay home! You can do your coursework from home, and our staff can send you a home workout. We believe our student-athletes get the most out of their experience by attending on-site, but we understand that may not always be possible. That shouldn’t mean school is interrupted; it is simply adapted to meet a student-athlete’s needs.

The goal of our mentorship program is to educate our student-athletes in “the process” of becoming elite. This program is centered around Coach FA's Mentorship Program, and also includes community service, field trips, and guest speakers.

Boston Hockey Academy Powered by TPH is constantly assessing its students' needs and customizing their workload to best support their path to success. We require our student-athletes to fill out daily surveys that help our staff understand the holistic state of our student-athletes. These surveys track sleep, nutrition, injuries, and so on to assist us in accurately and effectively balancing their workload.

TPH Academy can provide support for IEP's and 504's. We have built our centers with learning environments that help all types of learners and set up our student-athletes for success. However, students will have to complete a determination meeting with our education partner to ensure we can meet all the needs of the student.

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