At TPH, our Gold Medal is a purpose, and that purpose is to lead the world in the holistic development of student-athletes, advancing – in and beyond the game – the next generation of impact players.




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Safety and security are foundational for every student-athlete to thrive. Did you make our environment conducive to holistic development today?


We celebrate teammates, customers, partners, and our communities and bring others in on the fun. Did you grow #TeamTPH today?


Whether we're controlling the ball or anticipating the play, there's always initiative to be taken! Did you make TPH better at positively impacting the lives of student-athletes today?


We are "one team" that accomplishes more when we play connected, communicate with radical candor, and work as an inclusive unit. Were you a great TPH teammate today?


Unsportsmanlike conduct is a “match penalty” at TPH. No jerks! Did you set a positive example today?


Jordan Pietrus

Jordan Pietrus

Vice President, TPH Denver

“Joining the TPH team has been a game changer for my family and I. Each day I get to work with like-minded people while we strive to make an impact on the next generation of leaders. The ability to be able to do rewarding work with people you like, and also have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally has been amazing for me. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to be on the TPH team. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow yourself, and make a difference in the lives of others, TPH is the place for you!”

Sunsea Williams

Sunsea Williams

Head of Academics, TPH Atlanta

“My experience being employed by TPH has been phenomenal. I truly enjoy being a part of a team that cares about my well-being and aligns with my values. My work/life balance has been refreshing and that is something that impresses me the most. Lastly, I really appreciate being recognized, heard and the team being open to new ideas to improve the workplace.”

Mekenzie Steffen

Mekenzie Steffen

Former Coordinator of Girls Hockey, TPH Nashville

“I joined Total Package Hockey right after wrapping up my college hockey career and I could not ask for a better profession. The TPH environment continuously makes me feel like I am part of a world-class team. The genuine passion and dedication to impact the lives of student-athletes is contagious. The trust, support, and guidance has allowed me to focus on what I am most passionate about - promoting and growing the girls game.”

Tere Hernandez-Acosta (2)

Dr. Tere Hernandez-Acosta

Head of Academics, TPH Fort Lauderdale

“TPH is a wonderful company to work for and offers student-athletes an incredible platform to perfect their craft. They get to play the sport they love while meeting their academic needs and I get to help them meet their academic goals at our Center of Excellence as they thrive on and off the ice!”

Philip McRae copy

Philip McRae

Director & Head of Hockey, St. Louis

“I’m very fortunate and grateful to be a team member of TPH. Throughout my time with TPH, I have received the opportunity to grow and develop in so many different areas. I appreciate the freedom TPH gives to utilize your strengths, while also providing the necessary support to learn and improve in areas needed. The layers of support within the company are incredible, from your team members on the ground with you, to the hub, to the executives and partners. Everyone is working together to have a positive impact on all our student-athletes and provide a positive experience for families.”

Brett Blatchford - Headshot 2

Brett Blatchford

Director & Head of Hockey, Phoenix

“TPH is continuously providing opportunities to help me develop my technical skills and my knowledge-base as a Director, Coach, and Mentor. I feel that I simultaneously have autonomy and direction. It’s awesome to have a hockey network, where we can collaborate and grow together.”


Opportunities to collaborate, “team build,” and strengthen relationships with fellow TPH team members while growing your individual game, professionally and personally.

  • Weekly and Monthly Collaboration Calls
  • Staff Leadership Series
  • TPH Mentorship Program


Access to systems, applications, and a support team that will help you perform at your best when the puck drops, including:

  • Google Workspace
  • Hubspot Enterprise
  • Bamboo HR
  • LeagueApps Registration Software
  • Kinduct Athlete Management Software 
  • TPH Development Library


Benefits package that will earn your trust and allow you to play free, with confidence, come game time.

  • Competitive salary
  • Health and dental insurance with employer contribution
  • 401K and up to 4% match from day one
  • Monthly technology stipend
  • Company-issued apparel and equipment
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid Family Care leave 




Building a roster for success requires teams like us to recruit talented players with various skillsets for various roles. Positions on our TPH team include:

Perhaps there is no individual within a TPH division more central to advancing the next generation of impact players than the Director, a role that requires the taking of extreme ownership in all areas related to building a successful culture, one that is rooted in work ethic, discipline, and acceptance, which are the three-character qualities of a TPH student-athlete... Though not responsible for all aspects of the division, the Director is the “face” of the operation, is accountable for qualitative and quantitative performance, and maintains oversight of all things related to the academic, athletic, and operational functions locally. This leadership position requires a passion for mentorship, vision and foresight, a clear, firm communication style, and, in most cases, an athletic leadership background. Overseeing the athletic, academic, and operations team, spearheading recruiting, developing business strategy, hiring and training team members, and ensuring quality, efficient operation as outlined by TPH, are some of the core responsibilities a Director has.

Get on our Radar! 

Though TPH’s reach is expanding, the company was founded in 2001 as a hockey service provider. There is no sport TPH uses as a vehicle to advance the next generation of impact players more than ice hockey, and there is no position in TPH more rooted in hockey development than that of the Head of Hockey… In short, the Head of Hockey is responsible for the implementation and execution of TPH’s Hockey-Athlete Development Model. From comprising daily, weekly, and yearly training plans that maximize long-term athletic development to providing actual video and on-ice instruction, the Head of Hockey ensures student-athletes are training in an environment that emphasizes the skills, habits, concepts, and details that comprise a TPH hockey player, as well as the athletic and character qualities that develop a true TPH Hockey-Athlete.

Fostering a positive learning environment, holding student-athletes accountable to a high academic standard, and individualizing and customizing the learning experience based on when, where, and how each individual learns best are some of the key areas of responsibility for a Head of Academics. This leadership position requires a passion for student-athlete success and a combination of academic, athletic, and student-service experience… While Heads of Academics will interface with TPH’s national education partner Edmentum and its rigorous, robust, NCAA-accredited courseware, they do not teach actual courses or specialize in course content. Simply put, Heads of Academics facilitate an academic and life-learning experience designed to positively impact student-athletes and prepare them to one day become independent, self-starting college freshmen.

Player Development Coaches & Mentors do exactly what their job titles state: coach athletes directly in areas related to their sport and mentor them on “the process” of reaching their potential in sport, school, and most importantly, life… With both full and part-time positions available across TPH, Player Development Coaches & Mentors often specialize in components of athletic instruction and deliver the actual training to the student-athletes. At the same time, these individuals multi-task and often work hand-in-hand with the actual Director in other areas, such as business and admin, and enhancing the overall student-athlete experience. Player Development Coaches & Mentors are 100% athlete-focused, have the opportunity to wear multiple hats, and are often groomed to become Heads of their actual sport or Directors themselves.

The Academic Success Coach works side-by-side with the Head of Academics to deliver the individualization, customization, and mentorship that families within the Center of Excellence Model come to expect. From building weekly student-athlete lesson plans to ensuring that all individuals are on pace in their studies to devising social and real-world growth opportunities for student-athletes, such as field trips and community service projects, the Academic Success Coach is 100% student-focused and is central to TPH fulfilling its purpose of advancing the next generation of impact players.

Though having a passion for athletic instruction and mentorship are critically important, Coordinators and Managers of Operations & Programming deal with the day-to-day details of delivering an experience to student-athletes and families that exceed expectations... Often called “the glue,” Coordinators and Managers of Operations & Programming execute various business, admin, and operational tasks. Superb organizational skills, the ability to successfully time manage, multi-task, and prioritize, and high comfort with systems, software, and technology are requirements for filling roles on the Operations and Programming side within TPH. In most cases, both Coordinators and Managers of Operations & Programming cross over and support the actual training and mentorship of student-athletes, providing a unique, best-of-both-worlds perspective, one designed to put them on the path to one day becoming the leader of a TPH division or department.

Strength, Speed, Athleticism, Endurance, and Power are the five components that TPH believes make a successful athlete, regardless of sport. Under the guidance of the actual Head of the sport being offered within TPH, the Strength & Conditioning Coach is responsible for the design and implementation of a group and individual training plan that instructs athletes on their training while also educating them on the importance of rest, recovery, nutrition and hydration. Strength & Conditioning Coaches will have access to TPH’s Performance App, which includes all training, testing, and student-athlete wellness data, and dedicate themselves to shaping a quality training experience, one that is in total synergy with the sport-specific training being provided on the ice, field or court each day.

Specialty Coaches & Instructors is a category for part-time or contracted individuals with deep knowledge of specific training components for the sport TPH offers. Often referred to as “skills” or “position coaches,” this role was created for individuals who bring specific knowledge on the sport training side… Through on-ice coaching, video analysis, and athletic mentorship, the Specialty Coach/Instructor role presents exciting opportunities for dedicated professionals to bring their own individual passion for, knowledge of, and experience in specialized training to the athletes within TPH programs. On the hockey side, examples of roles within this category include Goaltending Coach and Skills Coach.

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