"TPH Academy - Denver has a dedicated team that fully supports our student-athletes on their journey to success. We strive to be excellent mentors and role models, empowering each student-athlete with the tools needed to discover new levels of potential and reach his or her goals."

- Jay Sprague, Director & Head of Hockey, TPH Denver


At TPH Academy Denver our student-athletes Study, Train and Play every day. Each week, a typical schedule includes the following breakdown:





From public speaking contests to finance club, we are focused on providing our student-athletes the opportunities that fit their interests and provide them the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.


Part of attending TPH Academy is ensuring our student-athletes are connected with their communities and understand the value of providing their time and support. All of our locations take part in community service projects from raking leaves across the neighborhood to assisting at soup kitchens.


Our guest speakers bring new perspectives and ample experience from their trade and life. Our student-athletes have been fortunate enough to have been visited by guests including current professional athletes, coaches, and referees. Our guests are not just limited to the industry of sport but include business executives, marketing specialists, psychologists, and physical therapy experts, among others.


We make a conscious effort to make sure our student-athletes get exposure to many different experiences. Previous field trips include museums, professional sports facilities, college campuses, and more.


  • 8:05 a.m.


  • 8:10 a.m.


  • 9:15 a.m.


  • 10:00 a.m.

    Training - Sport

  • 11:05 a.m.

    Training - Gym

  • 12:00 p.m.


  • 12:50 p.m.


  • 2:50 p.m.


  • 3:00 p.m.


  • 4:00 p.m.




Working with Edmentum, the official learning partner of TPH, we are able to offer a completely customized platform, where individuals study online, with certified instructors. We provide a comprehensive program that includes academic coaching, best-in-class academics & a learning community that is focused on development.

The Academy blended learning environment combines an online curriculum with on-site infrastructure and academic support. Academic leaders are in the classroom working with students to ensure a positive learning environment, accountability, a personalized structure, and accelerated learning programs, as they train for their sport.

Through our award-winning educational partner, Edmentum, our academy course library provides student-athletes with access to NCAA-approved Core classes, a large collection of AP offerings, and 80+ custom electives, which include foreign languages, arts, and more. Our academic partners are all Cognia accredited and all graduating student-athletes will receive a private/public school diploma, issued by our state partner. Students not only advance their education, but learn organization, study skills, and how to adapt their own learning style.

+ Individually Tailored Courseware

+AP, Honors & Foreign Language Courses

80+ Custom Elective Courses

+  Credit for Sport-Specific Training

What Our Academy Families Are Saying

"Our son has progressed from A1 to AA and will now be playing AAA this next season! He’s motivated to elevate his game and being surrounded by other athletes and dedicated coaches and mentors has pushed him to work hard. We also value the way the teachers, coaches and mentors encourage personal growth. "

Abbey LaRose

TPH Center of Excellence St. Louis | Parent of Greyson LaRose

"Enrolling in TPH this year was the best decision we made for our son’s hockey development. The difference in his personal growth in the past few months has been remarkable and we can’t wait to watch him continue to grow. The dedication to mentorship and the direct communication with the TPH staff has been far superior in every aspect. "

Molly Figgermeier

TPH Center of Excellence St. Louis | Parent of Jack

"This past year was my son’s first year at TPH. It was a great experience for him. He has grown tremendously both with his hockey skills as well as academically. I love the small class sizes both on and off the ice. This allows the coaches to give individual attention to each of the players. I also loved how we didn’t have to worry about school while traveling for hockey. If you’re looking for your child to improve their hockey skills I would highly recommend TPH. "

Felicity Lothrop

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix | Parent of Brodie Lothrop

""The major contributor for our decision to send him away at an early age was Pat O’Neill. He has been a pleasure to deal with since our very first connection. He is great on the phone and even better in person. He is clear with his presentation, makes sure you understand what he is laying out and undeniably the best with his follow up. I am so happy that Pat played a significant part in Casey’s Academics. You are very lucky to have a quality partner in your organization. We could only wish that Casey meets and surrounds himself with more people like Pat, not only in his hockey career, but in his journey in life.""

Gregory Sturm

TPH Center of Excellence Nashville | Parent of Casey

"What I love about TPH are its leadership and mentorship programs. The academics are great, they are all NCAA-certified classes that they are taking. But the leadership is par none. It is raising these boys and girls to be leaders out in the community and wherever they end up."

Christine Baugh

TPH Center of Excellence Denver | Parent of Brett

"The 2021-2022 school year was Ryan's first year at TPH. After the headaches and struggles of trying to navigate hockey travel, practices, and a traditional in-person school schedule, TPH was a fantastic fit for our family. Our family has enthusiastically re-enrolled Ryan in TPH and are looking forward to an even better year in 2022-2023 as we will be able to put what we learned last year about Ryan's athletics and academics into practice."

Karen Mitchell

TPH Center of Excellence Denver | Parent of Ryan Mitchell

"Brandon has become a more confident and stronger player due to TPH. Transferring from a town with its own elite hockey school and program, TPH offered him the ability to continue his personal development at a high level."

Michael Vislay

TPH Center of Excellence St. Louis | Parent of Brandon Vislay

"Maxx is really enjoying this year! He comes home happy which is super important to us since he is following his passion for hockey. He also feels accomplished most of the time and always says "tomorrow will be better" if he feels something didn't go right. He has been responsible for all his work this year, with a little help from his older sister from time to time. Thank you for all your efforts to make this year successful. The communication levels and platforms are above all expectations I had at the beginning of the year."

Stephanie D.

TPH Center of Excellence Estero | Parent of Maxx

"I wanted to write to tell you how much of an impact Matt Cooke has made with our son, Landon. Landon has looked up to Matt since day one and has sought him out to talk through situations, not only on the ice but also off the ice. Matt has continued to invest his time, knowledge, and wisdom in Landon and help him navigate difficult situations. Matt came to watch one of Landon’s tournament games and stayed after the game to connect with Landon and talk through the game. His belief in our son and motivational talk meant the world to us and Landon."

Michelle Medin

TPH Center of Excellence Plymouth | Parent of Landon

"We came to CoE unexpectedly because of the pandemic, needing a smaller environment and more resources to serve our boys during quarantines. We underestimated the value of starting the day with training and the flexibility/rigor of CoE’s curriculum. What we anticipated being a one year solution got us enrolled for next fall, we couldn’t be happier!"

Tamie Roberts

TPH Center of Excellence Nashville | Parent of George and Henry Moskowitz

""TPH Nutrition, and Bryan Snyder, have exceeded our expectations! Bryan is a pro! Bryan has provided us with not just nutritional planning but also strategies around sleep, hydration, and recovery to help our son stay healthy and perform at his best. The program is completely customized to my son's goals, age, and activity level. During our ongoing follow-up Video calls, Bryan checks in on how Preston is doing, his current weight, and energy levels and is constantly making tweaks and adjustments to make sure we have exactly what we need. In the first 4 months of this program, my son has gained 10 lbs of lean muscle, while competing for his club hockey team, training at TPH, and even extra sessions on top of all that! This program has not only taught our son how to take care of his body but has helped our entire family lead a healthier lifestyle: we eat out less, have detailed shopping lists and Bryan is constantly providing new meal ideas for us! This has taken the thinking out of nutrition and given us the confidence to lead a healthier lifestyle! TPH Nutrition will provide anyone with not only near-term results but long-lasting knowledge to be the best versions of themselves!""

Darell Mitchell

TPH Center of Excellence | Parent of Preston

"We are incredibly grateful to have found TPH two years ago. Academically, we’ve been pleased with the success our son has seen, his confidence grow and his second year was even better."

Abbey LaRose

TPH Center of Excellence St. Louis | Parent of Greyson LaRose

"The guest speakers gave me tools that helped me stay motivated through the long season. My favorite topics were habits, selflessness, respect, and nutrition."

Brayden Waters

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix | Student-Athlete

"TPH Academy has been an integral part of our kids’ lives and our family’s life for many years. Both of our sons have attended and excelled within the structure of TPH. As a mom, what I have loved most is that their schooling and training are led by highly qualified staff while being surrounded and encouraged by other elite athletes. They are home every night with both schoolwork and training completed, extending our family time together. TPH supported and guided my oldest son as he moved from TPH to the NAHL and onto D1 college hockey. TPH has been integral in mentoring my younger son as he moves to Nashville to train and pursue his dreams of being a high-level student-athlete. As an educator of 20 years, I would highly recommend TPH for elite student-athletes."

Goukler Family

TPH Center of Excellence Atlanta | Parents of Davis '01 and Luke '06

"If your child is a self starter motivated by hockey, you can't beat TPH. If you want your child to learn about life through the sport of hockey, you can't beat TPH. Without a doubt, there is no other place in the state that could possibly provide the environment and be of that inherent needed dynamic for my son."

Bill Mellenthin

TPH Center of Excellence Denver | Parent

""The academic platform that TPH Academy offers is very comprehensive and gives kids flexibility to do sports without missing school. At the same time, the flexibility teaches them responsibility, as they need to keep up the studies and grades. It’s a great life learning where privilege comes with responsibility.""

Jukka Marjomaa

TPH Center of Excellence Atlanta | Parent of Veera and Nico

"Without question, TPH Detroit has contributed greatly to our son’s hockey development over the past 2 years. He has matured and grown as a person, and we have witnessed clear, tangible improvements in his overall performance on the ice. Simply put, he is a different hockey player from the day he arrived at TPH Detroit. Our son’s passion for the game is higher than ever, and we are excited to watch him pursue his goal of playing higher level hockey in the future. Our sincere appreciation for the professionalism and efforts of the entire TPH Detroit staff!"

TPH Detroit Family

TPH Center of Excellence Detroit | Parents of Student-Athlete

"TPH Academy has been an amazing opportunity for Ty to improve his hockey skills as an athlete, and to gain confidence and independence academically as a student. Athletically, Ty has been able to generalize his hockey skills from drills to games as he continues to show physical and mental growth in the sport. Academically, he has become more independent and an advocate for himself by contacting teachers and academic advisors when he needs support. Ty has learned many skills that will help him be successful as an adult. One of the best things about the Academy is the patience that the TPH staff has had with Ty, meeting him where he is at skill-wise, and building a trusting relationship with him. With this relationship, they are supporting Ty as a young man who is gaining confidence and seeing hockey as more than just a sport to play."

Rollenhagen Family

TPH Center of Excellence Grand Rapids |

""TPH Academy is a great fit for our family because of the well-structured athletics and academics all-in-one package. TPH Academy allows our son the ability to focus on his athletic development while maintaining an academic program that lets him take ownership of his future.""

Robin C.

TPH Center of Excellence Estero | Parent

"TPH Academy Superior has provided my son with a comprehensive academic and athletic environment that has challenged him and supported him these past few years. The versatile academic options and willingness of the Head of Academics have allowed him to pursue higher level and college preparatory coursework. Mrs. Doman has enabled him to access needed electives, provided pathways to socially interact with local high school peers, and participate in worthwhile community service projects. TPH’s program and athletic training have provided an amazing opportunity to ensure our son's optimal athletic performance, created advanced hockey skills and developed a goal-oriented mindset. Lastly, the friendships he has developed and the memories of the TPH will last a lifetime."

Christie Delaney

TPH Center of Excellence Superior | Parent of Kevin & Mikey

"At first, we were hesitant about our sons missing out on the typical high school “experience,” but realized everyone’s path was different and it ultimately provided things our local school could not (especially flexibility with travel schedules.) What really swayed us towards TPH was the flexibility for travel, high rigor classes available, support of learning coaches, high-level training and workouts built into the day, and the availability of full lunch to accommodate busy schedules."

Goukler Family

TPH Center of Excellence Atlanta | Parents of Davis '01 and Luke '06

"Once in COE, he found he really liked the independence in academics, being able to control his progress... He applied those principles to his lifestyle year round and became a solid overall athlete. Last year Luke also began to play Field Hockey. His athleticism and work ethic allowed him to earn a position on the US Men's Team. He applied all the experience he learned from COE to Field Hockey and set his sights on international play and as a future Olympian."

The Jacksons

TPH Center of Excellence Nashville | Parents of Luke Jackson

"Coach FA's mentorship program gave me very helpful advice to assess, adapt to, and respond to any situation. The program taught me one of the most important things: how to create, pursue, and maintain my personal brand. Another important aspect it taught me was how to view coaches, GMs, teammates, etc. The ideas we were taught have helped me through major and minor decisions and inconveniences throughout my 2 years with the CoE. "

Reid Morich

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix | Student-Athlete

"TPH Academy has been a phenomenal experience for both our son and my wife and me. The Domans are extraordinary people who demonstrate daily how much they care about the synergy and importance between education and athletics. They are great role models and care about the children they assist. The TPH program has provided our son opportunities to take college-level courses while still a freshman and sophomore; therefore advancing his opportunities to move forward in pursuing his passions."

Judd Haims

TPH Center of Excellence Superior | Parent of Max

"Connor loved the ice and off ice components and the instruction for sure. Brendan Burke and Brett Blatchford are GREAT coaches and develop a wonderful rapport with the students. Connor felt he really improved as a goalie and that Brendan Burke had his best interest in mind always! "

Constance Mackenzie

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix | Parent of Connor

"Year two at Total Package Hockey I honestly didn’t think anything could make it better for him…BUT…his best friend attending school with him and getting to show him all the things he told him about last year made it just that much more exciting! He loved going to school last year…this year is gonna be even better!!"

Stephane Williams

TPH Center of Excellence St. Louis | Parent

"FA mentorship program helped me to identify what routine helps me play my best. It also taught me how to get noticed and how to find the right coach or team. "

Colton Waters

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix | Student-Athlete

"Maggie was very proud of her grades and determined to keep them up. The flexibility has been wonderful for our family"

Tama Blackstone

TPH Center of Excellence Nashville | Parent of Maggie (Figure Skater)

"As early as the first showcase, I noticed a change in the way he skated. He seemed to be more in command of the ice and moved in a way I hadn't seen before."

Leah Ham

TPH Center of Excellence Grand Rapids | Parent of Kyle

"TPH Academy Superior has provided my son with a comprehensive academic and athletic environment that has challenged him and supported him these past few years. The versatile academic options and willingness of the Head of Academics have allowed him to pursue higher level and college preparatory coursework. Mrs. Doman has enabled him to access needed electives, provided pathways to socially interact with local high school peers, and participate in worthwhile community service projects. TPH’s program and athletic training have provided an amazing opportunity to ensure our son's optimal athletic performance, created advanced hockey skills and developed a goal-oriented mindset. Lastly, the friendships he has developed and the memories of the TPH will last a lifetime."

Julie Haims

TPH Center of Excellence Superior | Parent of Max

"Connor absolutely loved all aspects of the program. Amy Reagan has been a phenomenal Academic Advisor as she is ALWAYS aware of where the students are in their various courses etc. She gave great solutions whenever questions would arise about any of the Academic courses that Connor was enrolled in."

Constance Mackenzie

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix | Parent of Connor

"TPH has been essential in our son's skill development on the ice. I feel like his competence in skating and skill development is directly attributed to the time and coaching he receives at TPH. In addition to the improvement on the ice, the academics have pushed our son to take more accountability in his education. The classes challenge him and we have seen a marked improvement in his proficiency in the classroom subjects. One of our favorite aspects of the program is the staff and their commitment to developing mentally and physically strong student-athletes."

Uster Family

TPH Center of Excellence Phoenix |

"My experience attending school and receiving hockey and strength training at the same time was instrumental in my development. It was at the TPH hockey academy that I was able to be assessed as an individual and a hockey development plan was specifically made for me. I was a late developer and the hockey and strength and conditioning staff understood and communicated that it would take hard work, hockey skills and IQ, and patience that would allow me to continue to improve and move from Junior, to College, to Pro over years. I have continued to train in the off-season each year and this is my 10th off-season training with them. I cannot express my gratitude enough toward Dwayne, Kevin, Wade, Trevor, Josh, and staff for their continued support of my efforts to improve in hockey and achieve my goals both on and off the ice"

Ty Glover

TPH Center of Excellence London | TPH London Alumni

"I have two children attending CoE for their second year in a row. Though extra ice time and improving in hockey is important, we really needed an academic environment that would fit both our boys’ very different learning styles and unique academic needs. Our boys love school, are exceeding our academic expectations, and, with the support of their teachers and coaches, continue to develop their leadership characteristics. We cannot wait until our youngest is old enough to attend CoE!"

Dr. Amy Semel, PhD

TPH Center of Excellence Huntsville | Parent of Two Student-Athletes

"Coach FA's Mentorship Program has helped me increase my confidence and also how to work harder on and off the ice. Coach FA talks about the importance of getting in the right mindset before games and staying in that mindset during games which has impacted me as a player. I strive every day to be a better student, athlete, and person."

Nathan Hansen

TPH Center of Excellence St. Louis | Student-Athlete


Jacksen Appelquist 
Head of Goaltending
TPH Denver
Scott Smith 
Academic Success Coach provided by Global Advantage
TPH Denver
Kaity Fortney 
Academic Success Coach
TPH Denver
Angelo Ricci 
TPH Denver
Jordan Pietrus 
Vice President of TPH Colorado
TPH Denver
Jay Sprague 
Director & Head of Hockey
TPH Denver
Jeff Jentz 
Head of Academics provided by Global Advantage
TPH Denver
Michael Anton 
Player Development Coach & Mentor
TPH Denver
Madisyn Hernandez 
Academic Success Coach provided by Global Advantage
TPH Denver
Adam Shaner 
Player Development Coach & Mentor
TPH Denver
Joel Barreras 
Strength & Conditioning Coach provided by Denver Human Performance
TPH Denver
Chase Engdahl 
Strength & Conditioning Coach provided by Denver Human Performance
TPH Denver
Andy Howard 
Strength & Conditioning Coach provided by Denver Human Performance
TPH Denver

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TPH Academy Denver is located in the South Suburban Sports Complex in Littleton, Co. As education and athletic training continue to evolve, providing students-athletes with the best possible learning and development environment is crucial. Working with the facility and Steelcase, we have designed spaces that will provide all types of learners with a comfortable and productive space. Our space has everything our student-athletes have everything they need to truly take ownership of their development including:

Multiple Learning Spaces

3 Full-Size Ice Rinks

2 indoor turf fields

multiple indoor courts

Weight Room

And More!


The TPH Academy training program is designed for aspiring elite student-athletes who are willing to invest their time and effort into personal growth. At TPH we recognize that individual skill focus often gets neglected due to busy competition schedules, lack of facility accessibility after academic hours, and team-centric coaching. TPH is focused on long-term student-athlete development by providing platforms that allow each individual to discover new levels of potential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While we are one team, TPH Academy is not sports a team. We are an academy that allows you to focus on your individual skills. Additionally, you can still play for your current team. This makes for an awesome training environment where our student-athletes get to build a community with like-minded student-athletes.

At TPH Academy, each student-athlete learns from certified Teachers through our customizable virtual platform, Edmentum, with 24/7 access to virtual Tutors. Our on-site Director of Academics and Success Coach(es) are additional resources as they cultivate an environment conducive to learning. These multiple layers of support ensure that your student-athlete receives a personalized academic plan; preparing them for the game of life.

Our student-athletes train four days a week in the gym on-site with our coaches.

DID YOU KNOW: student-athletes can receive physical education credit for the training.

They are certainly welcome to, but we do offer a meal plan working with the restaurant, located inside the facility, to offer healthy and delicious options at an affordable price.

This is one of the primary benefits of TPH Academy. The traditional system is not conducive to the lifestyle of the aspiring elite student-athlete. We are very flexible with our attendance policy because we do understand the travel that sports require and the toll that a season can take on a student-athlete. The beauty of our platform is that we can operate virtually. Need a recovery day? Stay home, you can do your course work from home, our staff can additionally send you a home workout. The biggest factor is that we believe our student-athletes get the most out of their experience by attending on-site, but we understand that may not always be possible.

The goal of our mentorship program is to educate our student-athletes on “the process” of becoming elite. Part of that is through the mentorship program which includes Coach FA's Mentorship Program, community service, field trips, and guest speakers.

We believe TPH Academy provides more balance as our student-athletes finish a day at the Academy, attend their club's practice, and then are free the rest of the day. We believe our platform gives our student-athletes more time to spend as they wish away from the Academy. Additionally we require our student-athletes to fill out daily surveys through Kinduct that help our staff understand the holistic state of our student-athletes. These surveys track sleep, nutrition, injuries, and more to assist us in ensuring we know how to balance their workload.

TPH Academy can provide support for IEP's and 504's. We have built our centers with learning environments that help all types of learners and set up our student-athletes for success. However, students will have to complete a determination meeting with our education partner to ensure we can meet all the needs of the student.

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