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Heroic Minds goes beyond reactive approaches to problematic living and dismisses the notion of quick fixes, shallow "mental health" remedies, or advocating vulnerability for the sake of it. Heroic Minds focuses on enhancing well-being by optimizing performance in all areas of life. Nurturing core values. Maintaining empowering habits. Fostering self-awareness.

An enjoyable way to take control of how you feel.

Actionable wisdom, insight, & stories from professionals around the world in the areas of behaviour, cognition, relationships, self-regulation, goal-setting, leadership, organization, and more. Enjoy your time learning in an actionable and gamified way. Search to find the exact resources you are looking for and share these resources with individuals or teams. Progress through levels of wisdom and earn badges along the way to take control of how you feel.

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Download & Join the Community Today:

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A powerful life is built on a powerful psychological foundation.

Heroic Minds is available every minute of every day, allowing you to nurture your life skills and the foundation of your mind. The two aspects to have the greatest influence on the quality of your life.

Ben Fanelli

Ben spent 5 life-changing years with the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League venturing through a traumatic brain injury, leadership roles on and off the ice, and attending training camp with the NHL's New York Rangers. After his time with the Rangers Ben continued to pursue public speaking at Fortune 500 companies, social entrepreneurship, Coaching Men’s Hockey at the  University of Waterloo, and completing his BA in  Communications and Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy. 

Today, Ben is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and has clients from all walks of life. Specific to his athlete clients, Ben works with minor athletes, national-level boxers, swimmers, track athletes, NHL, AHL, & CHL hockey players as well as NCAA Division Three & Division One athletes. 

Players and parents of players can contact Ben privately anytime via phone or email to work with him one-on-one or be directed to another specialist in the performance and wellness space. 

Ben Fanelli History 

  • OHL Captain 
  • CHL Humanitarian of the Year 2013 
  • BA Communications 
  • MA in Counselling Psychology 
  • RP Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) 
  • Podcast with 100K+ listens 
  • 18 Years of Public Speaking 
  • Chief Vision Officer, Heroic Minds

The Spotify of human performance.

Heroic Minds provides endless wisdom from professionals all over the world in an enjoyable and powerful way.


Finite goods and material possessions beyond one's need, create a feeling of vulnerability, a weakness in your armour & a source of anxiety.

When life is less about you, your ego, and the thoughts in your mind (that often get in our way) it becomes more about living and engaging with life to the fullest.

To enhance the world around you, you must pay attention to the world around you, effectively moving you out of your head and into the moment.

Imagine everyday is a journey of progress and fulfillment. Progress in competence (learning & growing). Fulfillment in creating real value (yes, improving the lives of others can earn $ as well).

It is like going for a run and determining the route as you progress. When your goal is to enhance the world, the next step becomes inherent. Less thinking, more doing.

When your goal is to enhance the world around you, you can reach that goal with every step of your journey. Thus, progress & fulfillment can be experienced every day.

Join the Heroic Minds Community and live like a hero today.

Removing All Barriers to Feeling Better

Any user can access resources, and reach out to professionals without telling anyone or paying a fee.

Redefining a Failing Narrative

We utilize a narrative aligned with what people want. It is less about vulnerability and more about action, solution and agency.

Meeting People Where They Are

Heroic Minds offers resources in a way that our users already enjoy engaging with content.

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