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Mykul Haun Tapped to Lead Seacoast Performance Academy

As part of “powering up” Seacoast Performance Academy (SPA), TPH is proud to announce that Mykul Haun will serve as Director of SPA.  Haun brings a combination of hockey coaching, instruction, administrative and most importantly, leadership experience to the position.

“On behalf of all of us in TPH, we want to congratulate Mykul on being selected to oversee the culture and operation of Seacoast Performance Academy,” TPH CEO Nathan Bowen said.  “Mykul has earned this opportunity, having completed the same four stage interview process we put prospective Director candidates through for our Center of Excellence model.  Finding the right individual with a mix of athletic, business and mentorship experience was a high priority for us.  Mykul is someone who not only checks those boxes, but he oozes with passion and has a strong desire to make Seacoast Performance Academy the ideal destination for young hockey players who are looking to excel at their sport, receive a quality, private school level education and learn the skills necessary to be successful in life.  His ties and previous experience working with the student-athletes at SPA will only serve to accelerate the positive impact we in TPH are striving to make at SPA.”

In referencing his “previous experience” at SPA, Bowen is alluding to Haun’s position as Director of Skills and U16 Assistant Coach, a dual role he has been occupying since joining the Exeter, NH-based academy prior to the 2021-2022 school year.  Before that, Haun spent four seasons serving as the Head Women’s Hockey Coach at his alma mater, Plymouth State University.  After graduating from Plymouth State in 2007, Haun embarked on a journey that led him down a variety of hockey-related paths, including Head and Assistant Coach at the junior level, General Manager and coach at the U20 level, overseeing Strength & Conditioning for various hockey programs as well as owning and operating his own hockey academy.

Haun believes his diverse background wearing, as he puts it, “multiple hockey hats,” has prepared him for his new, expanded role with SPA.

“I’m honored to have been chosen as the Director for Seacoast Performance Academy,” Haun said.

“Our partnership with TPH only solidifies SPA and TPH as a true hockey development tandem, allowing both of us to fully achieve our roles as a top student-athlete development platform.”

Seacoast Performance Academy General Manager Travis Bezio conveyed his excitement about having Haun in the Director role.

“While I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mykul over the past year, what excites me most about him being our Director is that he has earned the opportunity from TPH,” Bezio said.  “When we approached TPH about powering up SPA, we asked them to deliver a top-flight NCAA accredited academic experience, which they have been doing for the past several years in their Center of Excellence model, improve our operational infrastructure and create more synergy throughout all of SPA.  Mykul is the perfect guy to work with TPH to do that.  He has the belief of our leadership, the respect of our staff and the trust of our families.  We look forward to watching Mykul continue to make a positive impact on all things SPA.”

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