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RELM Sports and TPH Academy Join Forces to Launch Elite Academy Experience in Kingston, ON

TPH is excited to announce the launch of RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH, a cutting-edge, holistic academy built for today’s aspiring elite student-athlete. Located in Kingston, Ontario, RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH is now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 academic year and invites all prospective student-athletes and their families to join them for a Virtual Info Session on February 5, 2024, at 8:00 PM to learn more.


Ryan Thompson – Owner, RELM Sports

“At RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH, we believe that every athlete has untapped potential waiting to be discovered,” shared Ryan Thompson, owner of RELM Sports. “Through our state-of-the-art facilities and partnership with TPH, a leading organisation focused on long-term student-athlete development, we are committed to unlocking that potential and creating a new standard of excellence in sports training.”


RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH provides the ultimate destination for student-athletes looking to pursue a strong and enriched education while excelling across a wide array of sports, with an emphasis on hockey, baseball, softball, and golf. With state-of-the-art facilities including dedicated baseball and softball training areas, golf simulators, and a synthetic hockey sheet, student-athletes will enjoy an unparalleled environment to hone their skills and push their boundaries. The RELM Sports Academy campus also includes a dedicated classroom space, a fitness area for sports performance strength and conditioning, and a kitchen space- adding a touch of convenience and comfort for student-athletes to ensure they have everything they need to stay fueled. 


Invista Centre

The on-ice hockey training component of RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH will take place next door at INVISTA Centre Arena, providing athletes with professional-grade facilities just a short walk from the classroom. At the INVISTA Centre Area, hockey players and figure skaters have access to four NHL-sized ice sheets, a mini rink, a pro shop, and locker rooms. Student-athletes will enjoy a university feel on campus, with short walks between classroom spaces and training facilities.


“Ryan Thompson has built a world-class environment for young athletes and we’re thrilled to bring our academic programme and holistic development experience to the space,” shared Alan Keeso, CEO of TPH Academy. “We’re confident that our alignment of values and dedication to the development of student-athletes is the fuel that will propel the student-athletes of RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH towards success.” 


TPH Academy’s Coveted “Blended Learning” Model

In recognizing the challenges that often hinder individual skill focus, such as busy competition schedules and limited facility accessibility, the Powered By TPH model aims to bridge the gap and create an environment dedicated to each student-athletes’ personal academic and athletic growth. Student-athletes will have the opportunity to study and learn at their own pace with the guidance of an academic support team, whether studying in the classroom or while on the road for competition. 


With a dedicated classroom space on campus for student-athletes to excel, and a comprehensive course catalogue including foreign language studies, university preparatory courses, and a broad range of elective course offerings, student-athletes are set to succeed in their pursuit of quality education, without sacrificing their athletic goals. Learn more about the success of the TPH Academy blended learning model in the 2022-2023 TPH Academy Impact Report.


Aimed to enhance the holistic development of student-athletes, RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH’s dedicated learning and training environment will allow student-athletes to grow alongside one another and learn from each other’s training styles, academic experiences, and diverse sports cultures. While student-athletes will receive sport-specific training on the ice, field, or green, this multisport campus offers opportunities for growth alongside one another, rather than isolation based on sport.


A Virtual Info Session will be held on February 5, 2024, at 8:00 PM EST for aspiring elite student-athletes and their families to get all their questions answered by the RELM Sports and TPH Academy teams. Secure your spot here. For more information about RELM Sports Academy – Powered by TPH, please visit


About TPH Academy:

TPH Academy is an academy-style, focused environment where dedicated student-athletes study, train, and play at their highest potential. TPH Academy’s core purpose is to lead the world in the holistic development of student-athletes, advancing – in and beyond the game – the next generation of impact players. For more information about TPH Academy, please visit and check out the 2022-2023 TPH Academy Impact Report.


About RELM Sports:

At RELM Sports, our mission is to create a positive and inclusive sporting experience that inspires individuals of all levels to embrace their passion for the game. As a family company, we understand the importance of fostering a welcoming and supportive environment where every player feels valued and motivated to always come back to their sport. Through our tournaments, teams, camps, and clinics, we aim to provide exceptional opportunities for growth, skill development, and camaraderie. With gratitude for our team and community, we strive to continuously enhance the sporting journey for all.

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