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Study. Train. Play.

The Phoenix Center of Excellence is driven by the numbers

Guided by simple principles like “support the puck,” and “no jerks allowed,” student-athletes at the TPH Center of Excellence (CoE) in Phoenix, Arizona, are given the freedom to own their development. This data-driven facility is focused on measurably improving performance in academics, sports, and overall confidence. Student-athletes in Phoenix are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are committed to helping each other flourish in the classroom, in sport, and in life.


The Phoenix CoE flawlessly executes the ‘Study. Train. Play.’ mantra by creating a community that’s focused on growth and development. Keep reading to see what we’re talking about.



Student-athletes at the Phoenix CoE are grinding in the classroom, and they’ve got the stats to back it up. “Despite the challenges that come with regular hockey travel across the country, our student-athletes maintained their focus and work ethic to prioritize their studies,” said Amy Reagan, Head of Academics. “We’re proud to report that at the Phoenix CoE, 52.5% of our students earned a 4.0 and 80% of students made honors.” CoE’s NCAA accredited blending learning model provides student-athletes with 20 hours of academic programming each week, creating a selective learning environment that allows for the perfect balance of academics and athletics.


CoE’s hand-in-hand partnership with Edmentum, the leader in online learning, allows for virtual tutoring services, 24/7 courseware access, and individualized instruction. Edmentum’s software lets student-athletes choose from over 150 core courses and 80 elective courses, allowing them to custom build the education that’s right for them. This unique education model has CoE students outscoring the average SAT score by 16.5%, and the average ACT score by 20%.



The prototypical TPH Athlete possesses three main qualities: overall skill, sports sense, and competitiveness. With those character traits in mind, student-athletes at the Phoenix CoE train off of the ice to improve their overall strength, speed, athleticism, and endurance. Five training phases, daily training themes, positive hands-on coaching, innovative methods, and video analysis are each utilized to accelerate the development process of the TPH Athlete and prepare each individual for advancement to the highest levels.

Off the ice, explosive movements like vertical jump, broad jump, and medicine ball tosses are staples of the workout. With 10 hours of sport specific training each week, there’s plenty of time to get reps in on the ice. The training program at the Phoenix CoE has led to improved grip strength, more fluid shooting motions, and a stunning 8% increase in average shot speed.



The in-game results are equally impressive. “We constantly hear from families about how they feel their son or daughter is implementing the skills they learn at TPH into game situations,” said Brett Blatchford, Phoenix Director and Head of Hockey. “In comparison to where they were at the beginning of the school year, the growth and development of our student-athletes is obvious as we watch them on the ice.”


The key to Phoenix’s success in transferability. “Our student athletes need to be able to perform the skill in a controlled space first, then chaos needs to be introduced through small games and competitive situations,” said Brendan Burke, Player Development Coach & Mentor. “We feel that the gains we see firsthand, and the data that supports this growth, validate the impact our program can have on young, committed men and women.”

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