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TPH Academy and Heroic MIinds Announce Partnership to Innovate and Redefine “Wellness” in Young Athletes

TPH Academy and Heroic Minds Inc. are thrilled to announce their partnership aimed at revolutionizing mental performance for athletes. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders committed to providing athletes with the tools and resources necessary to optimize their mental game in and out of sport.

TPH Academy prioritizes the holistic growth of student-athletes across North America. With a focus on holistic development, TPH has established itself as a premier athlete development organization. TPH aims to further enhance their training programs by integrating Heroic Minds’ cutting-edge platform to their Performance Zone, bringing together expertise from around the world.

Ben Fanelli

Heroic Minds, founded by Psychotherapist and former Kitchener Ranger (OHL) Captain, Ben Fanelli, specializes in building a powerful psychological foundation beginning with personal philosophy. Fanelli, who works with high performers in many domains shares that, “We often forget that whether you’re putting on fire gear, police gear, hockey gear or football gear, there is a human being under the equipment that is trying to self-regulate.” The conversation of where high performance mindset originates is remarkably sober, and very undramatic. With a deep understanding of the psychological aspects that can significantly impact athletic performance, Heroic Minds has helped numerous athletes across various sports achieve peak mental performance in their sport and in their life outside of sport. The Heroic Minds platform and Ben Fanelli’s expertise align perfectly with TPH’s mission to develop well-rounded, world-class student-athletes.

By joining forces, TPH Academy and Heroic Minds Inc. will collaborate on the development and implementation of innovative mental performance training programs specifically tailored for athletes. These programs will equip athletes with mental tools and strategies to manage stress, enhance focus, build resilience, and cultivate a winning mindset. Through workshops, seminars, and optional one-on-one consultations, athletes will gain a competitive edge and elevate their performance to new heights.

The partnership will also see TPH and Heroic Minds Inc. co-create digital resources and educational materials that will be accessible to student-athletes, coaches, and parents. This initiative aims to make mental performance training more accessible and widely available to TPH’s athlete community, ensuring that athletes at all levels can benefit from this transformative approach.

“The partnership between TPH Academy and Heroic Minds represents an exciting milestone in our ongoing commitment to holistic player development,” shared Alan Keeso, CEO of TPH Academy. “By integrating Heroic Minds, we are equipping our student-athletes with the tools they need to excel not only in sport, but also in life. We believe that mental resilience and fortitude are critical components of success, and this partnership will empower our athletes to discover newfound levels of potential.”

This collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of mental performance training in sport. Through innovative programs, resources, and a shared commitment to psychological and mental development, this partnership represents a significant step forward in equipping athletes with the mental tools needed to succeed at the highest level.

To learn more about Heroic Minds, contact Chief Vision Officer Ben Fanelli at info@heroicminds.live or by calling 905-580-4854.

Visit www.tphacademy.com to learn more about TPH’s programs and mission.

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