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TPH Academy Introduces TrainPlay+ For Ontario-Based Student-Athletes

TPH Academy is thrilled to unveil TrainPlay+, a hyper-flexible, ultra-customizable development experience for public or home-schooled student-athletes across Ontario. TrainPlay+ is a condensed, Ontario-based pathway to supercharging the development of student-athletes and teams looking to optimize their training schedules.


TPH Academy’s full-time, immersive Study-Train-Play model is the proven leader in advancing the next generation of Impact Players. However, TPH Academy recognizes that it may not be ideal for every student-athlete and family. Now, Ontario-based student-athletes will have the opportunity to join TPH part-time beginning in the 2024-25 academic year, accessing TPH’s cutting-edge sports training and having the flexibility to add supplementary credits in the process.


“We are excited to offer this program to families across Ontario,” shared TPH Academy CEO Alan Keeso. “As an Ontario native and former student-athlete, I can sympathize with many of the challenges student-athletes face when balancing academics, athletics, social lives, and family time. Not every family will be ready to join us full-time at TPH Academy, so our goal with this program is to offer a solution that allows student-athletes, organizations, and club teams to prioritize their athletic goals while remaining in their traditional school settings.”


The TPH Academy TrainPlay+ Experience offers student-athletes a range of benefits, including the flexibility to remain in their home or public school environment while participating in TPH athletic development, completing their co-op experience, or accelerating their learning. Within the TrainPlay+ learning environment, student-athletes will also have the option to supplement their education by enrolling in additional virtual courses through TPH’s school partners.


The program provides quality instruction and ample practice to develop skills, habits, and concepts specific to their chosen sport. Additionally, customized sports performance training programs focus on enhancing speed, strength, athleticism, endurance, and power.


Student-athletes will also benefit from the use of TPH’s state-of-the-art athletic testing equipment, which provide data-driven insights to track progress. Access to the TPH Athlete Management System enables students to monitor athletic testing, wellness, and personal development. With the use of this ground-breaking technology, student-athletes will supercharge their development to new heights.


Moreover, student-athletes are given the opportunity to join Coach F.A.’s Mentorship Program for Foundations in Personal Development and Elite-Athlete Mindset. They are invited to participate in all TPH Academy guest speaker events and are able to optimize their schedule for player and team development in sports clubs and organizations. The TPH Academy TrainPlay+ Experience provides a comprehensive platform for holistic student-athlete growth and development.


Whether you’re an individual student-athlete searching for a right-sized solution, or a sports club looking to optimize your schedule, TPH Academy TrainPlay+ delivers the ultimate flexible, customized training and playing experience. For more details about the TPH Academy TrainPlay+ Experience, reach out to us at trainplayplus@tphacademy.com.


About TPH Academy:

TPH Academy is an academy-style, focused environment where dedicated student-athletes study, train, and play at their highest potential. TPH Academy’s core purpose is to lead the world in the holistic development of student-athletes, advancing – in and beyond the game – the next generation of impact players. For more information about TPH Academy, please visit tphacademy.com and check out the 2022-2023 TPH Academy Impact Report.

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