TPH Academy to Expand in Atlanta Region with AISA Powered by TPH Academy

TPH Academy is excited to announce its growth within the Atlanta, Georgia region with its newest partnership, Athletic International Sports Academy (AISA) - Powered by TPH Academy. This Fall 2023, TPH Academy will bring its world-class individualized academic program to its newest partner, The Athletic International Sports Academy (AISA).


AISA is an Atlanta-based developmental sports program for high school-aged student-athletes. Driven by its four strategic pillars – athletics, academics, whole health, and technology – AISA aims to connect with and develop elite athletes on and off the court. TPH Academy looks forward to providing exceptional educational support for AISA - Powered by TPH Academy student-athletes. 


La Donna Hines, CEO, Athletic International Sports Academy (AISA)

Spearheading the Athletic International Sports Academy is La Donna Hines, CEO. "AISA is dedicated to providing support and guidance to young student-athletes as they strive to reach their full potential, both on and off the field. Much in line with TPH Academy, our focus is on providing a well-rounded experience that includes opportunities to participate in national and international competitions, as well as access to resources and tools that will help them succeed academically and professionally. We are excited to partner with TPH and utilize their athlete-focused academic expertise and platforms for our student-athletes.”


In partnership with Edmentum, AISA - Powered by TPH Academy student-athletes will have access to a blended, immersive learning environment with over 150 core courses, 80+ electives, and AP and Honors courses. Students will receive a completely individualized, customized, NCAA-accredited education, with 24/7 access to their courses.


Alan Keeso, CEO, TPH Academy

“By equipping student-athletes with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive, we help them build important holistic habits for a successful career in and out of sport,” shared TPH Academy CEO, Alan Keeso. “We look forward to partnering with AISA and providing their student-athletes access to our unique blended learning platform to elevate their game.”

The TPH Academy model is an individualized and flexible experience that is tailored to the unique experiences and learning styles of each student-athlete, customizing the program to their specific needs. If a student struggles to balance school and sports, AISA - Powered by TPH Academy staff can work with the student to help prioritize their work and manage their time. With travel for a weekend tournament scheduled on Friday, courses can be front-loaded for this particular student, so that they can focus solely on their athletics come Friday. 


This proven approach has contributed to the success of many student-athletes enrolled in the TPH Academy program. In the 2021-2022 school year alone, TPH Academy saw 82% of students on the Honor Roll, an average GPA of 3.66, and a 2.4% GPA progression from the first semester to the second. TPH has student-athletes currently attending or committed to 18 of US News’ top 100 universities.


Sunsea Williams, Head of Academics, AISA - Powered by TPH Academy

Sunsea Williams, Head of Academics at TPH Academy Atlanta, will serve as AISA - Powered by TPH Academy’s Head of Academics, monitoring students’ pacing, communicating with ASIA's on-site personnel, and providing one-on-one academic support and weekly remote check-ins.

“I am extremely excited to be partnering with the Athletic International Sports Academy (AISA,)” Williams shared. “I am looking forward to the opportunity for our academy to diversify and expand our cohort of student-athletes, and to positively impact the program at AISA.”

In addition to its academic partnership, AISA - Powered by TPH Academy student-athletes will also have access to TPH Academy’s Performance Zone, athlete management system, and Coach F.A.’s Mentorship Program, TPH’s nationwide mentorship program led by coach, mentor, and current Chief Operating Officer Francis Anzalone.


To learn more about TPH Academy’s blended learning environment and academic platform, visit Learn more about AISA’s athletic development program here.


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Sunsea Williams

Sunsea Williams

Head of Academics, AISA - Powered by TPH Academy
La Donna Hines, CEO, Athletic International Sports Academy (AISA)

La Donna Hines

CEO, Athletic International Sports Academy (AISA)